Friday, December 6, 2013


Simple ways to clean:
GreenWorks by Clorox to clean everything.
Dish soap in a bucket of warm water and rag to clean grease and dust from wheels.
White towels to use in bathroom or kitchen.

Car list (time to sell Shelby.  She's got 185,000 miles on her!)

Toyota Highlander, Avalon
Jeep Cherokee
Mitsubishi Outlander, Lancer
Kia Forte, Sportage, Optima
Chevy Cruze, Impala
Hyundai Tuscon, Elantra
Buick Verano
Nissan Rogue
Dodge Charger

Should be interesting to see what I end up with.    I really want something that is quiet and has a nice ride.  Rented an Impala to go to Redwood Forest and loved it.  

Hung up the pictures of Grand Teton and London in our bedroom today.  

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Heart feels alive again

For the first time in a long time, my heart is happy open and free.  Sure, I still get annoyed with bad drivers, rude people, people who whine.   Ever since I've quit my job in biotech, I have been alive, happy and can feel warmth in my heart.  We are going to move to Raleigh in the next 6-9 months. I can see the people I love more.  And now I'm a professional dog walker.  Dogs are a gift to humans.

Last night we bought some really nice bright lamps for the living room.  Finally.  We haven't had nice lamps since Kajal and I met.  Plus we sold the massage chair, finally.  Today we are getting headboard. I am finally starting to feel like an adult.  Funny how I quit my professional job and finally feel I want to live a better quality life.  My self esteem is percolating and I feel like I need to treat myself with respect, and one way to do that is to live in a respectful home, not some rif raf home.  Pride of ownership is what I'm really trying to say.

I've become a bigger baseball fan than a football fan.  Michael Vick has turned me off from the Eagles, while Chase, Carlos, Frandsen, Ruf, Asche, Cliff, Cole....I feel like I know them.  Baseball is so calm and enjoyable.  Plus love listening to Tom McCarthy, Wheels and that nnnniiiccccee fffffella Sarge.

M and D buying a new 320i soon, I will buy a 14 Highlander come January.  Car show in a few weeks!!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Long hair

Well I was planning on growing my hair out for 2 years straight and only made it 3 months. Tomorrow I will get a nice haircut.  Not back to military cut, but just a nice traditional white guy 36 years old cut.  Kajal likes it that way.

Highlander has 181,000 miles on her.  New model comes out in January, it is beautiful, but expensive and HUGE.

I'm still fat, 267 pounds.  I just love to eat so much.  Bella is limping on her back left leg.  I gave her some Rimadyl.

Phillies stink I hope they trade away Papelbon, Ruiz, Rollins and Michael Young.  They need relievers and some power bats.  IF they got Stanton, I would be ecstatic, but Delmon Young is pretty good.  They need to keep Lee and Utley.    Predicted 2014 lineup:

C-Tommy Joseph
1B- Howard
2B- Utley
SS_ Some fast free agent
3B  Cody Asche
LF Dominic Brown
CF Revere
RF Stanton

Friday, March 8, 2013

Curry Chinese Chicken

Oh thank heaven for Grand Peking Chinese restaurant.  I was starving tonight. And ordered some curry chicken and wonton soup from Grand Peking.  Oh dear, so bloody good.  

Life is pretty.  Work is still challenging, and it's all desk work, which I'm not used.  Plus it's a lot of project management.  I'm not used to being in the spotlight.  But it's kind of fun, I guess.  I'd still rather be doing things with my hands though.  We will see how Kajal's job search goes and maybe end up back on the East Coast.  Who knows?

I weigh 265 pounds.  The good news is that Dorothee Wihl, in one massage, has made my legs and back feel 1000x better.  Long lasting effects.  She has made me feel better in one session than all the doctors, chiropractors, PTs and other massage therapists have done in the past 10 years.  I am really happy about this.  I was always really resigned to having pain the rest of my life.  

The Highlander has 176,000 miles on it.   I am going to sell good ole' Shelby pretty soon.  Once we settle on the house in Raleigh (104 Benedict), I will buy a dark blue 2013 Toyota Prius V.  Then Shelby will go up for sale.  I will list her for $7500, and hope to get $6800.  She's been a great car, so many memories in that car.  But I am excited about getting 42 mpg, the digital dash, new car smell everyday and the quietness of the electric motor.  I would consider a Nissan Leaf, but the range is low, and you have to install a charging station in your home.  

Ok, bye bye

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On top again

Life is back to being on the straight and narrow. I got laid off on my birthday 9/9/2011 and found a new job and am loving it. Back to Bayer where I was in summer of 2008. Our new house is nice, we got a great deal on it (short sale ) and have fixed up a bunch of things including the kitchen and both bathrooms. Also, next spring, we want to re-finish the hardwood floors.

Though things are good, I still wonder if I should be doing more with my life. My weekends consist of watching sports, playing with Bella and dining with Kajal. But I feel like since we are very financially secure at this point, if I should be volunteering on the weekends or something else. Kids are still not in our future. Is it ok to just chill on weekends, or am I wasting valuable time? I'm not really sure.

I'd like to see Cavalia soon, a horse show in Redmond. And.....the Highlander is still going strong, 161,000 miles. I am going to get an interior detail after this nasty weather is over. Snow in Seattle!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Losing weight

It all started with the CPAP machine. It has been a huge difference in my life. I am able to sleep better so I have more energy. I bought a nice elliptical, ok, well, it was used, but it's a Precor and it was $800. I bought a nice CD player and 4 new metal CDs: Damageplan, Nothingface, Hellyeah and Throwdown. And then, the finale: the official UFC gloves. Just like the fighters wear, I can now imagine myself being a fighter getting ready for my next fight. The biggest thing in losing weight is mental though. Even when my body says no, my mind needs to say yes. Also, stretching has helped tremendously. Since I always hated stretching before, I talked to Kajal and she said only post-workout stretching is needed. I do 20 jumping jacks before workout and 5 minutes of good leg stretching after. My goal weight is 210 and then I'm going to get surgery on my chest.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


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